How To Launch A $3.35 Million Membership Site With Stu McLaren

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Today's guest is Stu McLaren. I'm super excited to have him on the show not only becuase is Stu killing it in terms of being an authority in online membership sites, but he's also passionate about truly helping others.
Stu helps experts transform their knowledge and influence into recurring revenue. This includes launching growing and scaling 7 and even 8-figure membership sites. Stu co-founded the membership platform for WordPress called WishList Member.  He sold his interests in October 2014 and partnered with NYT best selling author Michael Hyatt and transformed Michael's 6-figure, high stress business, to a high 7-figure, low stress business. This allowed Michael to spend 100+ extra days with family.
Now, up until pretty recently, Stu was fairly unknown in the online business world and ran under the radar. But he busted out on the scene with his on line course launch called The Tribe Course. The course teaches how to launch and grow a highly successful membership site of your own. The Tribe Course launched to $3.35 million dollars.


 "The more that you can narrow down what you do well, the more growth you will experience in your business."
  • 6:50 Why Stu separated his business from his charity and how he dealt with his guilt of making more money than his parents combined.
  • 16:40 How Stu turned Michael Hyatt's 6-figure, high stress business, to a high 7-figure, low stress business
  • 19:45 Stu's secret to the fastest way to connect with people and convert them to paying customers.
  • 23:30 Who a good candidate is for creating a membership site.
  •  24:55 Why membership site's don't have to be continuous, hard work.
  • 27:10 The number one reason why people cancel from a membership site.
  • 28:55 The biggest weakness of EVERY company
  • 35:00 The tactics and philosophies Stu uses to succeed in business AND in life:
  • 37:50 Stu's 3-step decision criteria: low stress, high impact, high profitability.
  • 40:20 What Stu looks for when hiring his team.
  • 43:40 Character traits that makes a good leader.
  • 47:20 Stu's book recommendations

Resources Discussed


  • Jumpstart Your Brain by Doug Hall
  • Jumpstart Your Business Brain by Doug Hall


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Artist: Joakim Karud

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