How To Get A Book Deal By Age 23 With Kristin Tate

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Today were talking with Kristin Tate. Kristin is a young political columnist and contributer to The Hill, a top US political website. She appears on several of the highest rated news shows including The O’Riley Factor and Hannity on the Fox News Channel as well as CNN, Fox Business, MSNBC, and several others. Her stories have also appeared regularly on The Drudge Report.
Kristin is considered a leading voice among the conservative millenial generation but, as you'll find out, she can't be pegged down as just a typical "conservative."
Kristin recently published her first book called 'Government Gone Wilde' at the age of only 24 and explains how to get a book deal.


  • 11:25 Which media platform is most influential
  • 14:20 The tactics Kristin used to get her book deal
  • 16:10 What the publishing process is like
  • 17:10 Kristin's advice for people who want to write their first book
  • 17:40 Kristin's prediction for the publishing industry
  • 19:21 Why it get's more difficult to start a business in the age of large government
  • 25:20 CRAZY government spending examples including a program to teach synchronized swimming to sea monkeys
  • 27:20 Biggest obstacle Kristin faced and how she overcame it
  • 28:35 What makes a good leader & who comes to mind
  • 30:24 Habits that have helped your career

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