I Help Experts Grow and
Automate Their Business

“The key to a successful business is the ability of your business to run without you.”

-Wes Kimbell

Earn more. Work less.

business productivity

My goal is to teach to you how to develop systems needed to ensure your business isn't dependent on you being there to succeed.

This is achieved largely by automating tasks, implementing processes, and increasing productivity.

I've been in the business of productivity and automation for over a decade and run two successful businesses.

After learning how to increase productivity and automate my manufacturing business, I've increased revenue by millions in one year while working 75% less. 

My teaching style is short and to the point. I believe in the 80/20 principal; teaching students 20% of the productivity skills that produce 80% of results.

Business Consulting

"One hour of consulting with me could save you a year of mistakes."

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