Learn the tools & strategies
leaders use to rise to the top

Learn the tools & strategies
leaders use to rise to the top

“The key to a valuable business is the ability of your business to run without you.”

-Wes Kimbell

About Wes Kimbell


Wes's goal is to help you become the best at what you do.

He does this by learning from the best in business, finance, entertainment, and relationships and distills down the essential tactics and philosophies these leaders used to rise to the top.

Wes is an entrepreneur living in Houston, Texas who runs two successful businesses.

His teaching style is short and to the point. He believes in the Praeto principle, best known as the 80/20 principal: focusing on 20% of the skills that produce 80% of results.

Wes Kimbell's Projects


The Leader Tapes was created for people who want to become the best at what they do while creating a life of integrity. We help you do this by tapping the minds of authentic leaders in business and life and uncover the strategies and philosophies that helped them rise to the top.

Rise to the Top

Join me as I sit down with the top leaders in business, finance and relationships and uncover the tactics and philosophies that have helped them rise to the top.

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